Is Lifestyle to Blame for Not Being Able to Drop the Belly Fat?

Getting back in shape through fitness and working out everyday just isn’t going to cut it. It is the other 23 hours of lifestyle that lead to the big gains revolving around dropping the belly fat. How do you think, work and play outside of ‘fitness time’? What is your ‘normal’ behavior day-to-day?It is your day-to-day actions in the modern world that often create unknown stress inside the body. Something inside that causes your body to store fat regardless of how much sweat time you put in or how hard you work out.It doesn’t seem logical, I know, – yet your body is not made up of logic is it?The reality is that if you are stressed up on the outside (i.e. Your body stores excess body fat and you can’t get rid of it) there is a high chance things may be messed up on the inside. It is highly likely that internal hidden stress is running the show.Your mind-body is the most complex system on the planet and hormones often dictate how you look and feel. How are you going to deal with internal hidden factors contributing to hormonal fat gain on your own?For example, the foods you eat may be laden with chemicals so the body might lay down fat cells in an effort to store those toxins away from vital organs. Could excess body fat indicate a high toxic load from foods the body cannot use? This is a major form of hidden stress in our modern world.Perhaps you are reactive to one ingredient in your favorite healthy snack that you love to consume each day. This is a very common and overloads the central nervous system. The overload means a big stress hit on the most complex system on planet earth. A stress hit typically equates to fat storage.Maybe you get into bed late every night or cannot sleep very well and don’t realize the internal hormonal chaos caused by a late night lifestyle. Not enough regular recovery creates massive physiological and psychological stress that could be at the very heart of your fat loss challenges.Your internal plumbing is possibly backlogged so digestion and elimination channels in your body cannot work efficiently. Big stress. All day. Everyday.For now, if you want to drop belly fat and shape up, go out of your way to find the hidden stress inside your body. Without doing so dropping belly fat can be a slow frustrating haul.Want results?Test. Don’t Guess.Period.HR

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